Am, Is, Are in Korean

압니다 is am, is, are in Korean

This is the first post about 'Am, Is, Are' in Korean. In this post, we'll start by learning the formal way to say 'it is something.' However, if you're interested in the informal version, stay tuned for the next post.

Let's get into it.

Before we move ahead, I want you to learn these five nouns that I've used in the sentences below👇

Word Pronunciation Meaning
khe Dog 🐕
chaek Book 📚
컴퓨터 keom-pyu-teo Computer 💻
kot Flower 🌼
피자 pija Pizza 🍕


Noun + 입니다 (imnida) = "It is (a) noun."


Noun Copula Sentence Pronunciation Meaning
🐕개 + 입니다
(to be)
= 개입니다 Khe-imnida It's a dog.
📚책 = 책입니다 Chaeck-imnida It's a book.
🖥️컴퓨터 = 컴퓨터입니다 Keom-pyu-teo-imnida It's a computer.
🌼꽃 = 꽃입니다 Ko-chimnida* It's a flower.
🍕피자 = 피자입니다 Pija-imnida It's a pizza.

Finally, we have these sentences with their Korean meanings and pronunciations. Try to understand by observing these sentences because there's nothing left to explain to you about it:

It's a dog.


It's a book.


It's a computer.


It's a flower.


It's a pizza.


Now try to make your own sentence like I created🥳👇

Hi, it's Darkrown.
Hi, 다크라운입니다.

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Let's practice "Am, Is, Are" in Korean.

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